The Whipping Boy

The Whipping Boy-November,20 2009

The prince called Horace was a brat and was better know around the land by the name Prince Brat. The prince wasn't called this name for no reason, he would always get into trouble. But he would never worry because you could not whip a prince so that is how Jemmy became his whipping boy. Jemmy was feed up by the Prince Brat's rudeness too him and was whipped for the every bad thing he did. Then Prince Brat wanting too explore the outside world forced Jemmy too come with him. But only to run into cutthroats that find out that Prince Brat was a prince! Gathering friends along the way Jemmy leads the prince out of danger and they become friends. With a big fight they finally came too know that it was time too go back to the castle.

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