Sign Of The Beaver-December,1 2009

Sign Of The Beaver- December,1 2009
In the late middle ages in 1700's a boy called Matt and his father sat in their cottage. Matt's father had to leave to get Matt's baby sister with his other sister that he was excited to see how old she was now and his mother.

But when Matt's father was away Matt got tangled in a treaty with the Indians that lived near by."You teach Attean read! I hunt give you food daily." The Indian challenged. Matt agreed. Attean soon starts to speak English. Matt and Attean sometimes stroll around in the forest and Attean shows Matt some survival tips and showed him the sign of his tribe (The sign of the beaver.)

It is not soon that a bear attacks them! Matt and Attean killed it and brought it back to the tribe. Matt stares at amazement at the different lifestyle that no man could see. Then he meets Atteans grandmother who had a bad taste for white men because of what a white man killed her children."Pizwhat!" She would say. Then Matt earns her respect when he saves Attean's dog who was caught in a white man's trap, that was when he meet Attean's sister. As the months past by Matt's father has not came home with his mom and his to little sisters and winter was coming soon. The Indians asked him to come with them and live with them because he was like family to them. But Matt believes that his father would return. The Indians were leaving after Attean found is manatou, his (Spirit.). They would not be coming back. Before they left they gave him some gifts.

But Matt still wants to stay there and wait for the return of his family but the offer was tempting. Matt faces the winter alone. One of the gifts that the Indians gave him was the dog that Matt rescued from a white man's trap. Soon his family returns but Matt finds out that the baby was dead. But the family are still happy to see each other again.

The Whipping Boy

The Whipping Boy-November,20 2009

The prince called Horace was a brat and was better know around the land by the name Prince Brat. The prince wasn't called this name for no reason, he would always get into trouble. But he would never worry because you could not whip a prince so that is how Jemmy became his whipping boy. Jemmy was feed up by the Prince Brat's rudeness too him and was whipped for the every bad thing he did. Then Prince Brat wanting too explore the outside world forced Jemmy too come with him. But only to run into cutthroats that find out that Prince Brat was a prince! Gathering friends along the way Jemmy leads the prince out of danger and they become friends. With a big fight they finally came too know that it was time too go back to the castle.

Emmy And The Incredible Shrinking Rat

Emmy And The Incredible Shrinking Rat-November, 6 2009

Lynne Jonell really did a good job on her book, Emmy And The Incredible Shrinking Rat because she realed me into the book just like you would real in a fish. I think that she left me with a lot of questions too get me excited about the other second book. Emmy was lonely and was extremely busy with all the after school activities and nobody seemed to notice her at all. She was very rich and she was really good..mabye a little too good that was why she liked to sit by The Rat who was no good at all. I felt the same way when I first came to H.K.I.S. But Emmy was seemed like she was too unnoticed.... even her own teacher forgot her name! It was a just right book for me because when I started reading the world seemed empty and it felt like it was only the book in I exsiting.

The Rat was the classroom pet and was very rude (For some strange reason Emmy could her The Rat.) and never would thank Emmy once she would save his life like catching him when he would fall out of a tree. But in the end of the story The Rat soon realized how many favors Emmy gave him and became a little more kind than he was before. Mrs. Barmy the evil housekeeper used special rats that each had a special power to put spells on Emmy too make her unnoticed and used it on Emmy parents too. Mrs. Barmy was after the family's fortune!

The problem is solved by turning Mrs. Barmy into a rat and was never for a long time until..the next book. I would have liked it if the parents could have found out about it in the middle of the book and did anything to protect their daughter.

Lighting Thief-November 4, 2009

Lighting Thief-November 4, 2009

This book was by Rick Riordan. This book made me feel questioning. I would always say aloud a question that I want to know and would always gasp as something bad happens and the let out a big sigh of relief when the problem is solved. Well the only connection to this book is about a dream I had before, when I was young. This was a really famous dream for younger children...the monster under the bed. But of course this book was not like that but it does have monsters in it though.

When Percy Jackson found out that he was the son of the sea god he didn't have faith in himself and didn't understand his inner power. He has lost much and is sorrow holds him back. But later on in the book his sorrow is filled with happiness when he comes across new friends. Percy soon gets better at controlling his inner power too. The other character that has changed would be Annebeth. She started of disliking Percy because her mother was a god too and was mortal enemies with Percy's father. But later on in the book she realizes if the want to make it out alive the would have too put aside the differences and work together.

Well the problem still is not solved yet because the story about Percy Jackson is a series type and only with four more books to read the problem would be solved then but for now things would be a secret that I would have to wait to discover.