Chicken Soup For The Girls Soul-December,15 2009

Chicken Soup for The Girls Soul-December,15 2009
Jack Canfield really did a great job on this book. It has everything a girl would want to know. Each had a different storie about that chapater was about and all were true. I found out that I was gasping at what the other girls had experinced at all ages. I found myself getting a huge amount of connections to this book. Like for exampe when a girl called Courtnay got really hurt because everrybody thought that she farted. I have experinced this to and know that it could be very painful and could really hurt your feelings. I also noticed that the book also gave web sites at the bottom of the page so that you called explore that topic even further.

One of my favroite stories is about a girl called Jessica the bully and her bystanders, Emily and Clarissa had this so called "the group." witch really caught the attention of other kids. One day a new girl called Michellle was accepted by "the group." but was soon kicked out because she was a freak. Sarah was her closests friend but didn't have the courage to stand up for her. Later on Michelle commited suicide. Sarah then promised after many tearsto help any one in the need of her help. Sarah really changed and had more confidence after Michelle died. Sarah started of as the least noticed kids to then end as the best bystander around. I'm sure Sarah would then stand up for herself to Jessica and "the group.".

I would reccomend this book to any one who needed this advice or wanted to go to the web sites at the bottom of the pages. I hope that I would not have to experince this problems but now if they do happen I would know what to do.