Chicken Soup For The Girls Soul-December,15 2009

Chicken Soup for The Girls Soul-December,15 2009
Jack Canfield really did a great job on this book. It has everything a girl would want to know. Each had a different storie about that chapater was about and all were true. I found out that I was gasping at what the other girls had experinced at all ages. I found myself getting a huge amount of connections to this book. Like for exampe when a girl called Courtnay got really hurt because everrybody thought that she farted. I have experinced this to and know that it could be very painful and could really hurt your feelings. I also noticed that the book also gave web sites at the bottom of the page so that you called explore that topic even further.

One of my favroite stories is about a girl called Jessica the bully and her bystanders, Emily and Clarissa had this so called "the group." witch really caught the attention of other kids. One day a new girl called Michellle was accepted by "the group." but was soon kicked out because she was a freak. Sarah was her closests friend but didn't have the courage to stand up for her. Later on Michelle commited suicide. Sarah then promised after many tearsto help any one in the need of her help. Sarah really changed and had more confidence after Michelle died. Sarah started of as the least noticed kids to then end as the best bystander around. I'm sure Sarah would then stand up for herself to Jessica and "the group.".

I would reccomend this book to any one who needed this advice or wanted to go to the web sites at the bottom of the pages. I hope that I would not have to experince this problems but now if they do happen I would know what to do.


  1. I liked how you used lots of details to explain how you felt, about this book. I think you need to be a little bit more careful, on the punctuation's, and some spelling errors. I think you did a good job, on summarizing this story, and telling the reader more about the parts you like. Maybe next time, you could put a little bit more information on how you feel, and think about the resolution, and more things, about, some of the characters in the book.

  2. I really liked how you added your thoughts and how you felt, I liked how you made connections, how you wrote about your favorite part, and how you explained everything clearly. I think you need to fix some of the spelling errors, and you should talk more about the characters, not only focusing on the story. But other than that, this book report is really good.

  3. I think that this blog is very good. I like how you added connections and I like how you added your favorite part in your book. I thought that you had good details in the second paragraph and that really helped me understand the story. One thing I think that you should have put in your blog is the author's message. I also think that you should have put in more information about the book into your blog.

  4. This was a well written blog. I really, really enjoyed it! Partly, because I've read this book and you made your writing clear and fluent. The thing I really like about this book is that it relates to us so much. I think you did a good job of explaining that. When Michelle committed suicide I thought that was a very sad even but it was also sort of astonishing too. I had the exact same problem like Courtnay's. Everyone In my class heard this loud fart and people suspected it was me when it was actually my friend sitting next to me. I could understand how Courtnay felt. Once again, thanks so much for sharing this blog. Overall, it was an interesting blog to read.

  5. I really liked how you added how you connected with the book and what you felt throughout these stories. I wonder why for Michelle it was so bad that she committed suicide? I have had that problem to but never felt even close to committing suicide. Maybe she was close to committing suicide and then something else happened that really made her commit suicide.
    I wonder if that was it.