Book Bytes October 2009

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Into The Wild-October 14,2009

Into The Wild-October 14, 2009

I have finished a book called Into The Wild by Erin Hunter. This is the start of the Warrior series. In this book I found myself wanting to turn the page and to find out what was next. I feel like I could see everything like a movie forming in my mind. I felt like I actually owned Rusty the main character of this book. Of course you might think that stuff about cats are boring but if you really get into it you will understand the view of how the cats see the world. I could make many connections with this book with others because they are all about the way others view things. Like for example if you keep on reading this series you will find out that soon one chapter it would be about one person then at the second chapter it talks about somebody else.

There are three characters that have changed a lot are Graypaw, Bluestar and Rusty. I will talk about Rusty first. Rusty always wanted to explore the forest even though his best friend Smudge told him about the forest cats that were said to eat bones. One day Rusty finds himself wondering of into the woods and being found by the wild cats and are excepted into there clan called Thunderclan. His new name is now Firepaw of the color of his fiery colored pelt.Graypaw has changed and has been Firepaw's first friend. Graypaw used to only care about him and he now has someone to talk too. Bluestar is Thunderclan's leader, Bluestar started too have no faith in him but now as you get in the book she starts to have more faith in Firepaw.

Firepaw was now getting used to the Warrior life and now even follows the Warrior Code. I would change about how Firepaw's old friend, Smudge said about the wild cats because if they gave it a try the would find out how good it could be. i think that the author's message for this story is to give things a try and too try and see something in a different view.

Faven Kennedy