Brian Jacques amazed me, his book made me fall down on the floor begging for more. I has always enjoyed reading books about animals but his book is now when of my favorites. I know how the clumsy, little mouse named Matthias felt do something worth while, something that no other mouse had the courage or the guts to do. I sometimes feel the same way. This book helped me in my reading when it showed words that i didn't know. For example inhabitants and dwells. I know this is a just right book for me when I can just start reading non -stop.

Matthias has changed frequently through out the book. At the begiening he was just a normal, clumsy mouse wanting do something special and in the middle of the book he trained the soldiers how to fight. He made a unsuccesfull etempt to retreave the stolen tapesry Matain The Brave and blamed himself. As if to make up his failure he found the long hidden Martian's sword and shield when he killed the feared adder snake named Asmodeus who killed many of the animals in Redwall Abbey. Cornfloer was my favorite character. She was a young and shy, girl felidmouse. She started helping the wounded in the battle agaisnt the Cluny The Scourge. She has really shown what she acutally do.

I really like the endings when the main character has to alone face his or her fears. The book ended when Matthias married Cornflower and gave birth to thier son Mattimeo. I think that the ending should be mostly about the end of the fight and then little about the love.