Lighting Thief-November 4, 2009

Lighting Thief-November 4, 2009

This book was by Rick Riordan. This book made me feel questioning. I would always say aloud a question that I want to know and would always gasp as something bad happens and the let out a big sigh of relief when the problem is solved. Well the only connection to this book is about a dream I had before, when I was young. This was a really famous dream for younger children...the monster under the bed. But of course this book was not like that but it does have monsters in it though.

When Percy Jackson found out that he was the son of the sea god he didn't have faith in himself and didn't understand his inner power. He has lost much and is sorrow holds him back. But later on in the book his sorrow is filled with happiness when he comes across new friends. Percy soon gets better at controlling his inner power too. The other character that has changed would be Annebeth. She started of disliking Percy because her mother was a god too and was mortal enemies with Percy's father. But later on in the book she realizes if the want to make it out alive the would have too put aside the differences and work together.

Well the problem still is not solved yet because the story about Percy Jackson is a series type and only with four more books to read the problem would be solved then but for now things would be a secret that I would have to wait to discover.

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