Emmy And The Incredible Shrinking Rat

Emmy And The Incredible Shrinking Rat-November, 6 2009

Lynne Jonell really did a good job on her book, Emmy And The Incredible Shrinking Rat because she realed me into the book just like you would real in a fish. I think that she left me with a lot of questions too get me excited about the other second book. Emmy was lonely and was extremely busy with all the after school activities and nobody seemed to notice her at all. She was very rich and she was really good..mabye a little too good that was why she liked to sit by The Rat who was no good at all. I felt the same way when I first came to H.K.I.S. But Emmy was seemed like she was too unnoticed.... even her own teacher forgot her name! It was a just right book for me because when I started reading the world seemed empty and it felt like it was only the book in I exsiting.

The Rat was the classroom pet and was very rude (For some strange reason Emmy could her The Rat.) and never would thank Emmy once she would save his life like catching him when he would fall out of a tree. But in the end of the story The Rat soon realized how many favors Emmy gave him and became a little more kind than he was before. Mrs. Barmy the evil housekeeper used special rats that each had a special power to put spells on Emmy too make her unnoticed and used it on Emmy parents too. Mrs. Barmy was after the family's fortune!

The problem is solved by turning Mrs. Barmy into a rat and was never for a long time until..the next book. I would have liked it if the parents could have found out about it in the middle of the book and did anything to protect their daughter.

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