Joey Pigza Loses Control

Joey Pigza Loses Control
Jack Gantos gave an exciting story about a normal boy with normal problems...well not so normal.
This book made me feel sad. This kid only wanted to have a normal life with his mom and dad. I have a connection about when my mom and dad had a fight. I felt scared because I have heard about kids that didn't have parents and thought that they would divorce, so I cried and my parents asked me what was wrong. I told them that I think that they were going to divorce, they told me that they loved me and that they were never going to divorce.

Joey's grandma changed a lot in the book. At first she was always treating Joey as if he were a thing not a human. She would lock Pablo in the in a closet when he pees on the on the bed and force him to pay her $5.00 to get Pablo out. At the end she tries to warn his dad that he is hurting Joey. Joey has also changed. He used to be a boy who dreamed to be a normal kid, he thought that since he takes medicine patches he is not a normal kid. Then he soon takes his patches off encouraged by his dad he soon realizes that he needs them for a reason and that his mom looks at him like any other boy.

The end of the story was resolved when Joey calls his mom and admits that he hasn't been putting on his patches and they went home. I think the ending would have been better when Joey talked to his dad and told him what he felt.

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