Gentle Annie

March, 3 2010
Mary Francis Shura wrote a great story about a Civil War, Union nurse that would never give up. It made me feel very aware to how realistic and dangerous out in the battle field could be. I could actually see the tents when the soldiers were camping and could even see how tired the soldiers looked like from all the marching. I really did understand how she felt when the other maids quit and felt temptation just like Mr.Daw at field day when he was eating that chocolate cake with the moaning about how good it is chiming in as well.

Will used to be very annoying to Annie and her friend Sophie until he came to tell her that Sophie could not make it to the party when Annie lave decided to let them go on a chariot ride and that is when they both became friend s. Will soon decided after when hes old enough that he was going to enlist Annie was comfortable with the idea to become a civil war nurse will and she became even closer to Will. Annie has also changed in the story when her father died. She learns how to nurse her father and to cook for herself.

I would have really loved the book to end when she married Will instead. Because them seemed so close together and then when I got used to it all of a sudden Will marries a girl called Martha!


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  2. I liked how you described it when the soldiers were marching and how they felt. I also think that you should say why Sophie can't make it to Annie's party. But overall I think you did a good job.

  3. I really thought that you described the story very well and I also like how you described the characters well. I also liked how you connected Mr.Daw to the book. One thing I think you should work on is putting in a author's message. But everything esle is great.